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Sometimes the biggest surprises come in the smallest packages.

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Hear what people are saying about Coconu

  • I have Celiac and with that comes a high sensitivity to skincare products. This is the first lubricant that doesn't cause a reaction.
    Julie W.water-based
  • This product goes on smooth and feels soothing to dry tissues. It also lasts so that I don't feel a need to use it every day for general dryness from menopause.
    Nancy G.oil-based
  • Great product, stays moist for a while and has no unpleasant taste!! Will definitely purchase again. Just be aware it is oil based so not compatible with latex, polyurethane works though.
    NY ladyoil-based
  • Different in a good way. Felt great and was enjoyed by both me and my wife. Going to try the water based next.
    Tom L.oil-based
  • It smells good and works. Happy to buy an organic product.
    Terri S.oil-based
  • Great oil-free natural lubricant. I haven't had any problems or reactions that I sometimes get with other lubricants.
    Candice O.water-based

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