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Our Story

After the birth of our second child we began using personal lubricants. We had already been paying close attention to the ingredients in the food we were eating so naturally we started looking at what else we were putting on and inside our bodies. We searched for the best personal lubricant for us, but what we found were a lot of companies claiming “natural” and “organic” yet nothing was certified organic, and many terrible ingredients were being used in most products we found. So we created Coconu, with the goal to create a USDA certified organic personal lubricant. We ended up creating two amazing products and they have both received extremely positive feedback from thousands of happy customers.

Coconu offers two healthy choices.

Coconu is inherently natural, gentle, and healthy

  • Coconu was made to fill the need for a personal lubricant that’s healthy, organic and highly effective.
  • Because Coconu is made of natural, organic, ingredients, it’s safe and gentle to use.
  • Coconu puts the natural, proven benefits of coconut oil and coconut water to work for you in a new way, as an organic, simple to use personal lubricant.