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Organic lube

Coconu’s Oil-based Personal Lubricant Reviews

Our coconut oil-based formula is USDA certified organic. It’s gentle and silky, and it lasts as long as you do. Once you feel ready to give it a try toss a tube in your cart.

Being in my late forty’s , I can get dry at the worst times. I really am loving this Organic oil based lube! This product contains no petroleum or fragrance. Nice light, silky formula, is long lasting. 100% edible with no flavor, and cruelty free. Fantastic for massage as well as adult play. My husband loves it as much as I do. Happy customer’s here.


Very happy to have found a completely organic/natural option, free from harmful chemicals that no one should want absorbed into their skin. Well worth paying a little more for an exceptionally good product. Easy to dispense with a nice consistency and feels great – not runny, sticky, or goopy like some others. Fast service and great follow-up communication from the seller as well. Highly recommend!

Mary C.

Great product, stays moist for a while and has no unpleasant taste!! Will definitely purchase again. Just be aware it is oil based so not compatible with latex, polyurethane works though.

NY Lady

This is the best I have used. It has zero stickiness, long lasting, and a neutral flavor. I am sensitive to many ingredients and have had no discomfort with this. My husband seems supremely pleased as well. If you are selective and need something better than the rest, this is it.

A. Reed

Very nice! Works so well with peace of mind that it’s not a bunch of chemicals. Nice for the shower since its oil based and because of the name it just looks like another tube of bath product. Love it!

Jane C.

I’m very sensitive to drug store lubes, they really irritate me and I don’t feel good about what goes inside of them, I found this and was drawn to this by the packaging, very simple and clean and the ingredient list is minimal. Love the fact that its oil based and coconut oil is sooo beneficial to the body so I trust this product. Normally my boyfriend and I don’t need a lubricant but from time to time it’s nice to have to prevent friction etc etc. a little goes a long way and it starts out kind of thick but then once it warms up it turns into an oil. Really good product and I recommend this even if you aren’t sensitive. It feels good knowing what I’m putting inside my body. Plus it’s edible!


Works great, doesn’t leave you all sticky afterwards and I don’t feel like I need to go take a shower to clean it off. I wish it was a little more liquid, but all in all I’d have to say one of the best lubricants I’ve ever tried.


This is one of the best oil-based lubes my partner and I have ever tried. It is very non-reactive, non-irritating, and feels great — and she has particularly sensitive ladyparts. It has a subtle scent and flavor which is mostly reminiscent of beeswax; it’s not unappealing at all, but it’s not quite as rich as straight up coconut oil (which is also great down there, but doesn’t last as long and isn’t as lubricating). Pro tip: start with some raw, unrefined coconut oil for the “warming up,” and then use the Coconu when you want long-lasting lubrication.

Jake O.

This is hands down the best feeling lube I’ve used. The fact that it’s organic and my wife also loves it – even better!


This product goes on smooth and feels soothing to dry tissues. It also lasts so that I don’t feel a need to use it every day for general dryness from menopause.

Nancy G.

Different in a good way. Felt great and was enjoyed by both me and my wife. Going to try the water based next.

Tom L.

Since love making has a big psychological component to it, we really liked the idea of using an all natural organic product. This edible product is coconut oil based, essentially tasteless and odorless, but isn’t greasy. It works well with a woman’s natural lubrication. We’ve used things like KY Jelly, and they just don’t feel as natural and stimulating as Coconu. For lovers who need lubrication, this product feels like natural lubrication and the stimulation provided is great. The moisturizing quality of this product improves tissue hydration. A little goes a long way, and we enjoyed making it a part of our loving foreplay. Since the product is discreetly labeled like a regular moisturizer, it can be left near the bed side where children aren’t likely to know what it is.

We really love this product. It really improves the love making experience. We would definitely buy this product again!

Ben S.

This product goes on smooth and feels soothing to dry tissues. It also lasts so that I don’t feel a need to use it every day for general dryness from menopause. It does separate some though and comes out a bit oily at first on warmer days.


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