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Our Vision of Health and Sustainability

We are committed to operating with integrity and transparency. We love plants and all things living and maximize their usage in our products. But we also know a sustainable product isn’t only what’s inside or how it’s wrapped, this includes how it’s manufactured, employee work environments, waste management, energy usage and much more. We use re-usable packaging, higher post-consumer recycled or FSC-certified materials. We have a Supplier’s Code of Conduct, which addresses three major areas: human rights, environment and documentation, and we seek only the most-credible suppliers and raw materials manufacturers who meet this criteria and are geographically located as close as possible. We are formally associated with the USDA and the FSC.

We can be better

1. We are striving to reach our goal that would ensure that all Coconu body and personal care products meet NSF standards.

2. We are also working towards ensuring all Coconu products and packaging materials are made entirely of plant-based materials. Yes, our goal is 100%.

love the earth