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Coconu’s Water-based Personal Lubricant Reviews

A little tube of Water-based Coconu can do big things for your love life. It makes everything easier, smoother, more like it was meant to be. Check out what our customers think. Once you feel ready to give it a try toss a tube in your cart.

Just placed my second order for this. I love that it’s all natural and compatible with condoms. It’s also the first condom friendly lubricant that didn’t cause me any irritation or burning. Highly recommend!

Marty K.

I have tried many different lubes in my intimate life but nothing as good as this one. Most of the lubricants i have tried by myself and with my husband are everything from sticky, leaving a gross feeling after to straight just not staying lubricated long enough but this one is designed for a soft and silky feel and oh my it is definitely soft and silky. This lubricant does not feel sticky at all, it does not leave a gross feeling after, it’s easy to clean and it stays lubricated for a long while! I love the fact that it is water based so that it works well with my body as well as i can use it with any adult toys without worrying about it ruining anything or causing me any problems. You do not need allot of this stuff a little bit really goes a long way so it lasts a lot longer then other lubes I’ve used! The smell is soothing and is latex safe which is great because my husband is allergic to latex. I think this lubricant is one of the best I’ve ever used and great in every aspect I’ve used it in, it is great for using with a partner or when your playing the lone card with your battery operated friends. When first receiving this product i immediately opened the bottle put it on my fingers for initial testing purposes and rubbed my fingers together then proceeded to try and wipe it off on to my shorts and it hardly changed the way my fingers felt i had to wash my hands which shows it definitely works above expectations plus my fingers felt so nice, silky and soft i almost want to use this as a moisturizer! The price for this lubricant is great and i definitely recommend it to any one who is looking for a lube that not only works but feels great during and after.

Kevin O.

I have Celiac and with that comes a high sensitivity to skincare products. This is the first lubricant that doesn’t cause a reaction.

Julie W.

Great oil-free natural lubricant. I haven’t had any problems or reactions that I sometimes get with other lubricants.

Candice O.

Love this stuff and have been searching a very long time for something natural like this that meets the needs of both my wife and myself. It is never sticky, it is suitable for sensitive skin, it cleans off easily, it lasts a reasonable amount of time, and it feels very natural. What more could we ask?

Rob of Naples

The major reason I switched to Coconu water-based lube is that my partner is highly sensitive to synthetic compounds and it leads to giving her allergic reactions in her nether regions (not fun). So instead of using K-Y Ultragel, which is my personal favorite but is NOT natural, we tried Coconu water-based lube. It is very close in feel to natural vaginal lubrication and it also has very little taste, to me anyway. Most importantly, we have experienced NO ALLERGIC REACTIONS to this lube. Also suitable for alternative entry points.

Dr. M

I’ve recently made the switch to eating organic and using organic toiletries and house care, so I thought, why not do the same for my sex toys and lube? Threw away all my plastic/silicone dildos and chemical laden lubes abd switched to glass and this stuff. It works AMAZINGLY and the skin in my nether regions loves this stuff. If you have breakouts in your crotch or if you experience stinging when you use other lubes, please try this. You won’t be disappointed!

Nathan Wienhoff

I tried both oil based coconu and the coconut water based now and I’m a believer in this one. It behaves like a water-based but slicker. It also is very thin so I didn’t experience the numbing effects of a thick water-based. Like any water based it can dry up eventually but it never gets sticky! Also once some moisture is reapplied it’s like new! It’s slick enough id recommend it for traditional silicone lube uses ie anal.

Timothy Leger

My girlfriend uses it for oral sex and it’s been fantastic. She says there is virtually no taste and the lubricant works very well.

Ron B.

Works great and feels great.

Troy T.

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